Professional Live Audio Magazine Front of House Features Transcend System


Front of House, a leading publication for live audio professionals and manufacturers of audio equipment, showcased Wenger’s Transcend Active Acoustic System in its January 2016 issue. Transcend was the subject of veteran audio industry journalist Dan Daley’s monthly column “The Biz.” Daley was present at the public unveiling of Transcend at Wartburg College in October, and conducted extensive interviews with Wenger’s Director of Design Engineering Ron Freiheit and Acoustics Product Manager Denny Meyer regarding the system’s HARMAN Lexicon-powered digital acoustic processing. Daley also interviewed Wartburg College’s Director of Choral Activities …

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Becoming Performance-Ready: Acoustics Demonstrations in Texas on Feb. 12


To practice football, players go to the field. To practice tennis, players visit the tennis court. It’s logical – the best place to practice is where they play. Musicians usually cannot rehearse in their performance space. But technology is opening up new possibilities; music educators in Texas can soon experience the high-tech solution first-hand and hear from one of their peers. On Friday, Feb. 12 in San Antonio, veteran band director Joel Ashbrook (Central High School in San Angelo) will join personnel from Wenger Corp. in explaining the VAE® (Virtual …

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Valley Baptist Church Gets a Technology Upgrade

Valley Baptist Church

Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California, provides three worship services every Sunday in its 1,800-seat Worship Center—two with a choir and orchestra, and a third with a praise band playing guitars and drums.  A stage filled with musicians and a choir feels grandly spiritual, but a deep, mostly empty stage can dwarf a much smaller band. “We wanted a way to update the stage look between the two services without losing the ability to use video projection screens upstage,” said Jason March, Director of Engineering at Valley Baptist. “We wanted …

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Making Events Special

special events

Would you choose an intense job? Or a job in tents?  How about both? Special events pros operate under deadlines and budget constraints, blending creativity with temporary architecture like tents, tent floors and staging. This week’s convention in Orlando celebrates innovation in a dynamic industry on the rebound. Without such industry expertise, think how boring and nondescript many events would be! Chris Davenport understands this. As Operations Manager with TentLogix in Stuart, Florida, he helps their clients plan memorable special events – including corporate and private parties, concerts and weddings …

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Passion + Preparation = Rockette Fuel

commercial dance

The highly competitive Rockettes’ audition in New York City attracted 600 dancers. After eight rounds of auditions held over two days, their number was whittled down to 32. The youngest dancer there, 19-year-old Kansas native Stevie Mack, made the final cut. Fueled by her passion for dance, Mack is making her mark in New York City. While forging a strong foundation for her career, she’s also exploring future roles in choreography, teaching and arts management. Her ambitious plans illustrate one path tomorrow’s dancers are taking. Rewarding Experience. “I was placed …

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Spotlighting Environmental Issues: A Poem

Environmental Issues

[News Item: A Chinese performance artist known as Brother Nut traversed Beijing with a vacuum for 100 days, collecting dust from the smog-choked air and later turning it into a brick. – The New York Times, 12/2/15]   Environmental issues can vex even great minds, When easy solutions seem too hard to find.   An artist in China, where dirty air is too thick, Vacuumed pollution to make up a brick.   He compared his quest to the mythical Sisyphus, But can Brother Nut really inspire the rest of us? …

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“Old Withered Dude” Offers Holiday Hope

Photos by Dan Norman, courtesy of the Guthrie Theater.

Surgical glue secures his gray wig from temple to temple, impervious to his sweating under the stage lights during a two-hour performance. A mic cord hides in the wig, pinned and clamped to other elements of his stiff, Victorian-era costume. No wonder Scrooge is crabby. But how does he transform from miserable miser to fun-loving philanthropist? The role is more than skin deep for actor J.C. Cutler, who stars in the Guthrie Theater’s production of “A Christmas Carol.” He believes it’s a meaningful metaphor and message for the holiday season. …

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Need to Calculate A Load Capacity? There’s An App For That.

J.R. Clancy - iRigging App

If you’re a rigging professional and you own an iPhone, chances are you already have J. R. Clancy’s iRigging app—but if you’re still making capacity calculations by hand, this may be your lucky day. J. R. Clancy has updated its industry-specific iRigging app, now offering it for both Android and iPhone operating systems. This latest update includes some important new features, so we asked Patrick Finn (PF), JRC product manager, to tell our readers all about it. Q: Let’s start from the beginning. When did you first introduce the iRigging …

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Wenger CEO Chris Simpson Featured in Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal


Wenger President and CEO Chris Simpson was recently interviewed by writer Whitney Oachs for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, to discuss Wenger’s leadership in the performing arts equipment and school music markets as well as its innovative Transcend Active Acoustic System. Simpson was featured in the Business Journal’s “Strategies” section, which examines how companies are leveraging new tools and tactics to grow their businesses. In the article, Simpson discusses Wenger’s expansion of their performing arts relationships with high schools through its GearBoss athletic storage division as well as its push …

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Keys to Successful Choir Concerts

Choral Music

With the holiday season here, a myriad of choral music performances are scheduled in concert halls, places of worship, shopping malls, schools, etc. Whether large or small, professional or amateur, choir concerts create a favorite seasonal soundtrack. What factors make these concerts successful? Hearing is Paramount. “The choir’s ability to hear itself is crucial to music-making,” says Dr. René Clausen, Conductor of the Concordia College Choir in Moorhead, Minn. “Risers and an acoustical shell both help shape the acoustical space around a choir, affecting the group’s ability to hear itself. …

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