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It’s been a long time (1939, in fact) since Mickey Rooney stood up in the movie Babes in Arms and told his gang of pals, “Let’s put on a show! My dad’s got a barn….” That show (and others) that Mickey, Judy Garland and their buddies threw together in a matter of days looked great on the movie screen—so great, in fact, that MGM repeated the formula in Strike Up the Band, Babes on Broadway, and Girl Crazy. In real life, however, such extravagant productions mounted in “my dad’s barn” …

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View Wenger Installations Here View JR Clancy Installations – Theatres View JR Clancy Installations – Concert Halls View JR Clancy Installations – Opera Houses • Princess Nora Bint University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia • Assoçiacão Escola Graduada de São Paulo, Brazil • City Philharmony, Krasnoyarsk, Russia • Anhaltisches Theater, Dessau, Germany • Zayed University, Dubai, UAE • Yongsan-Gu City Hall, Seoul, South Korea • Independent Theater, Sydney, Australia • Teatro La Aduana, San Jose, Costa Rica • Sha Tin City Hall, New Territories, Hong Kong • Eastbourne College, Eastbourne, England …

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Acoustics 101: Achieving Ensemble

From an occasional series… For most people, the word “ensemble” only means a group of musicians performing together. However, conductors and music directors use the word to describe a balanced, blended sound that unifies a group. Can You Hear Me Now? The result is like the Latin saying found on U.S. coins: E pluribus unum, which translates as “Out of many, one.” Achieving true ensemble is the result of more than just effective rehearsals and individual practice. Musicians must be able to hear themselves and each other. “If musicians can …

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Tracking the Arts: 2014 National Index Published

National Arts Index

Earlier this fall, we profiled the development of the Local Arts Index by Americans for the Arts, by interviewing one of its creators, Roland J. Kushner. He shared how this data helps communities examine the texture of local arts and culture. For a national perspective, the 2014 National Arts Index was released in late November (based on 2012 data) and this week we’ll touch on some highlights: Economic Engine… In the U.S., the arts drive $151 billion in consumer spending annually, which helps support 91,000 nonprofit arts organizations and 800,000 …

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Training Animals for Stage


Earlier this month, a New York Times article described Toby the white rat, a furry companion to a teenager with autism in “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” currently on Broadway. It made us wonder – how do certain animals end up in the spotlight? And how are they trained? Unlucky Break…to Breakthrough Star. Animal stars often started on the tough streets, until good fortune stepped in. Toby’s trainer, Lydia DesRoche, adopted her from an animal shelter, saving the rodent from an ignoble end: a snake snack. …

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Top Safety Features? Even High-Performance Hoists Need Them

In designing our new high-capacity hoist, the design team at J. R. Clancy focused on speed, increased travel … and the top safety features required to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 79: Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery, and ANSI E1.6-1 – 2012 – Entertainment Technology – Powered Hoist Systems We started with the benefits our customers want: Titan® High-Performance Hoist provides a reliable head block for long, trouble-free life, and a zero-fleet angle that allows venues to install this compact, efficient hoist in just about any setting. Depending …

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Q&A Spotlight: Sound Advice @ LDI

We caught up with Denny Meyer, Acoustics Product Manager with the Wenger Corporation, who is attending LDI2014 this week in Las Vegas. YPP: What is an acoustical banner? Meyer: It’s a relatively new solution for providing variable, passive acoustics in performance venues. Variable acoustics means the performance space can be tailored to the specific type of performance, whether it’s a large symphony, small ensemble, drama or lecture. Passive acoustics uses architectural wall/ceiling shapes and surface treatments to improve acoustics by diffusing and absorbing sound. YPP: Can sound be absorbed like …

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Saluting a Texas Military Band

36th Inf Div Band -- from FBook

In honor of Veterans Day, we’ll salute a military band we visited last December, just a week after their renovated facility opened at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. Updating History. For more than two decades, the 36th Infantry Division Band, part of the Texas Army National Guard, had used a building designed in 1918. It was built as a quick, cheap and temporary structure — basically just a wooden hangar – and it badly needed updating. In the project, materials from the original building were reused, including pine siding, roof …

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Election Day: Vote for Arts, Schools

Vote for Arts

If you’re concerned about the future of arts funding across the country – and there’s good reason for concern* – be sure to exercise your democratic power today. Vote for officials who share your views and offer visionary solutions that will nurture our nation’s rich cultural heritage. [*When adjusted for inflation, public funding for the arts has decreased more than 30 percent the past 21 years.] And while it’s easy to get excited about sparkling new performing arts centers, theaters or civic centers, don’t forget about also supporting your local …

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Kennedy Center President Inspires

Earlier this month, Deborah Rutter spoke to the weekly luncheon of the National Press Club (NPC) in Washington, D.C. Thanks to the transcript posted on NPC’s website, we almost feel like we were in the audience [applause] – except we’re still hungry! [laughter] Rutter took on the prominent role of Kennedy Center president in September, and is the first woman to hold that position. While her remarks received some national media attention, here are a few interesting highlights we took away: Art Tells Stories. In the manner of all good …

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