Win-Win Partnerships: Ohio Valley Symphony Marks 25 Years (Part 2 of 2)

Ohio Valley Symphony

Last week, we learned about the origins of The Ohio Valley Symphony (OVS) in Gallipolis, Ohio, which is celebrating its 25th season. This week we’ll continue our conversation with Lora Lynn Snow, OVS founder, executive director and principal oboist, to learn more about their theatre and factors behind the group’s success. YPP: Who uses your theatre? Snow: Our primary group, OVS, has a five-concert series each year. Owning our facility opens up more options to work with local businesses and organizations. We host a variety of events: receptions, weddings, parties, …

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Project Case Study: University of Wisconsin at Madison


Challenge Enhance the acoustical quality of a multiple-use, 76-year-old historic theater without crowding the backstage areas or making significant changes to the stage house. Solution Wenger and J. R. Clancy (JRC) developed a custom solution, combining a Wenger Diva® Acoustical Shell with lifting storage rack and hoist with the capacity required to store the shell and its towers above the stage. Benefits Preservation of a much-loved theater space Dramatically improved sound quality Easy, pushbutton control Above-stage storage frees wing space Flexibility to host many kinds of performances Reduced load-in and …

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Haven for Artists: Ohio Valley Symphony Marks 25 Years (Part 1 of 2)

Ohio Valley Symphony

This year The Ohio Valley Symphony (OVS) in Gallipolis, Ohio, celebrates its 25th season. We recently talked with Lora Lynn Snow, OVS founder, executive director and principal oboist, to learn more about the group’s origins and unique home. OVS’ story is so interesting, we’re going to split it into two weeks. YPP: How did OVS get started? Snow: In 1987 I had a vision to start an orchestra – to create a haven for artists and put my own work philosophies into place. I believe most people want to work …

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Mark Your Calendar: April 24 is Rigging Safety Day

Rigging Safety Initiative

How will you celebrate Arbor Day on April 24? We’re joining with USITT in celebrating Rigging Safety Day, a day to promote safer stages by posting and tweeting with the hashtag #RigSafe. Arbor Day is the perfect day to remember rigging safety, because the “arbor” is the part of a counterweight line set that holds the stage weights. On April 24, USITT will post #RigSafe news all day and ask people to support its Rigging Safety Initiative (RSI), which provide free rigging inspections and safety training for school stages. Watch …

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Spotlight: International Performing Arts Trends

International Performing Arts Trends

For some perspective on international performing arts trends, the International Theatre Engineering Architecture Conference (ITEAC) is a great event. The theme of last year’s conference in London — “The Future of Performance Spaces: People, Places and Technologies” – had this description: “For those who specify, design, equip and operate performance spaces, ensuring that these will meet the needs of future users has always been a challenge. The rapid changes taking place globally, driven by audience expectations, the availability of new technologies and the demands of innovative and more flexible programming …

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Employment in the Arts: Recent Perspectives

Untitled asds

Is creative expression a one-way ticket to unemployment? That was the question asked by a recent opinion article in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), written by Jerry Cianciolo. He believes the artistic talents and passions of middle school and high school students – nurtured and celebrated by parents – are too often squelched when “real life” decisions about choosing colleges and careers are made. Cianciolo cites studies to bolster his case that most arts graduates successfully find employment and – more importantly – higher levels of job satisfaction than average …

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Acoustical One-Act Play: Active & Passive Solutions

Transform Motorized Acoustical Banner_30 ft

[Scene: A performance venue plagued with poor acoustics, shortly after show ends. Patrons spill out of doorway onto the sidewalk, frowning, as a chill wind lifts snippets of their conversations into the night air…] Woman #1:   “…muddy and indistinct – was that even in English?” Man #1:  “…under the balcony I couldn’t hear a thing.…” Woman #2:     “…too loud for my tastes and my ears…” [Once the crowd dissipates, two shadowy figures emerge from an alley across the street, heading toward the doorway. Active charges ahead, Passive lags behind.] Active:  …

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Arts Spotlight: Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN

theater subscription program

Small theaters usually don’t make the business section of local newspapers, but the 165-seat, 105-year-old Southern Theater in Minneapolis was featured in the StarTribune last month in an article about fundraising. We were inspired to visit Executive Director Damon Runnals last week. YPP: How does your “Netflix model” work? Runnals: We call our theater subscription program ARTshare. For $18 per month members can attend an unlimited amount of resident company performances at the Southern, including drama, dance and music. Currently we have 15 local organizations participating – a range of …

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Marketing Spotlight: Folger Theatre, Washington, D.C.

ticket promotions

Earlier this year we read an article about the controversy surrounding the Metropolitan Opera’s rush ticket policy. We wondered how other venues handled rush tickets and the broader question of attracting audiences. We spoke with Beth Emelson, Assistant Artistic Producer with the Folger Theatre in Washington, D.C. YPP: What is the history of the Folger’s rush ticket policy? Emelson: We formalized our policy two seasons ago, selling $30 rush tickets – the best available seat – an hour before curtain time. Regular ticket prices range from $15 for standing room …

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Fleet Angle: What’s That?


If you work with rigging regularly but you’re not an installer, you may not know exactly what the fleet angle is, or why it’s important. It’s a good piece of information to have in your back pocket when you are adjusting or inspecting your rigging, or if you have the opportunity to buy a new rigging system. If you notice an excessive fleet angle, it could be a clue that something is wrong with your mounting or machinery. The fleet angle of a hoist is the angle at which the …

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